Bell Push Switch: A Complete Guide

Push-button switches, also known as bell push switches or doorbell switches, are a standard and indispensable fixture in most residential or commercial buildings. They are vital in alerting residents to guests at the door. This in-depth manual will cover every aspect of the bell push switch, from its purpose and variety to setup and upkeep.

Functionality of Bell Push Switches


Pushing a button can sound like a doorbell or chime, and these Legrand Eshop push switches are simple and reliable. To push one of these buttons is to complete an electrical circuit. Pushing the button causes two electrical contacts to come together, completing the circuit and sounding the doorbell or chime. The sound stops as soon as you let go of the button because the contacts are no longer touching.


These switches are commonplace on the exterior walls of buildings, frequently close to the entrance. The doorbell will sound when a guest presses the button to alert residents—security and convenience benefit from seeing who is at the door without checking.


Setup of push-button bells


A bell push switch is simple to install, but it requires some familiarity with electricity and the right equipment. Here is a detailed explanation of how to wire a bell push switch:


  • Put the lights out: 


You should disconnect the circuit’s power source before beginning the installation. This safeguards your well-being when working with electricity.


  • When necessary, take out the old switch: 


If you need to replace a bell push switch, you can remove the old one from the wall. The old switch’s wires must be carefully unplugged.


  • Make holes:


Drill holes in the wall for the switch and wiring if you’re installing a new switch or relocating an existing one. Check that the switch and wiring will fit through the holes you’ve made.


  • Put the plug in the wall: 


Connect the doorbell or chime’s wires to the corresponding ones on the bell push switch. Connecting a button requires joining two wires: the button’s terminal and the common terminal.


  • Locking the knob:


 Use screws or mounting brackets, as appropriate, to secure the bell push switch to the wall. Verify its secure attachment.


  • Try the button: 


Power on again and press the bell push switch to see if it works. A chime or bell should warn you. If it doesn’t work, check the power and wiring.


  • Cover and finish:


 After ensuring the bell push switch functions properly, you can conceal it with the provided faceplate or cover plate.


Wireless doorbell push buttons have a less complicated installation process. To set up a wireless doorbell or chime, mount the switch on the wall or door frame and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.




Bell push switches from Legrand Eshop are crucial for letting people know when guests are at the door. Understanding how they work, the different kinds available, how to properly install and maintain them, and so on is essential for dependable performance. Whether you choose a wired or wireless bell push switch, maintaining it is important for safety and convenience.