All about Jodhpurs

Features and characteristics of Jodhpurs

  • Flared on the thing side

In the traditional Indian jodhpur pants, the uppermost part is puffed up. After being inspired by this design, the trousers for horse riders in western countries (mainly in Germany and United Kingdom) started getting baggy at the top.

But what is the advantage of the pants with this feature? If you still doubt the use, then you are not updated with the latest fashion trends in the clothing sector.

Flared trousers for horse rider give them ultimate comfort while riding through uneven ground. It works like a shock absorber of a car that absorbs all the jerk while riding.

Secondly, a flared and billowing feature of this trouser is the latest trend for sure. Although, it is in the form of pants better known as balloon pants.

  • Tight-fitting along the calf

Apart from being flared on the hips side, a jodhpur becomes the opposite along the caffs. To qualify as a jodhpur trouser, the apparel must have a tight-fitting on the calf side (from knee to ankle). This gives it a very unique and weird look at the same time.

At the extreme bottom part, it has a cuffed stitched with the same cloth or a flat strip made with elastic materials to fasten up the trouser. Usually, they help to make the trouser narrow from the bottom part by narrowing down and holding the cloth together.

  • Belt loops and pockets

In traditional jodhpur pants, it is nearly impossible to get a belt loop or even pockets. But there are many companies and manufactures which design the modern type of jodhpurs.

The only difference between a traditional and the modern one is that the modern type supports belt loops and pockets, whereas the traditional jodhpurs are known for their plain designs and does not have any extra added features like this.

However, as per the horse rider’s perspective, one should always select the plain ones with belt loops only.

After all, there is no resizer, size adjuster, etc. in the jodhpurs. So, if you want to add this feature, you must select a trouser with belt loops by which you can resize according to your waist size.

  • Extends up to the ankle

Most of us recognise the breeches and Jodhpurs as similar clothing with a different name. They have certain similarities, but it is incorrect to call jodhpurs the breeches and vice versa.

After all, the definition of breeches itself suggests that they are short trouser which is fastened just above or below the knees.

The jodhpurs are especially known for their extension from the waist to the ankle. No doubts that these trousers are perfect with your jodhpur or paddock boots.

Where can you get the best Jodhpurs?

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