A Perfect Weekend in Walla Walla, Washington

With the natural landscape offering seasonal activities from swimming to skiing to hiking weekends in Walla Walla, Washington are special throughout the year. Vineyards, breweries, and cider mills provide tastings of locally grown produce for adults. Food from the local fertile agricultural fields provide the essence of farm to table cuisine.

There’s something special about summers in Walla Walla that makes for a perfect weekend. Explore more of Walla Walla, Washington this year.

If you are arriving after a day of work into town for your weekend getaway, drop your bags at your hotel. Then venture back out. Walla Walla offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the Northwest. Stop at a winery that has western facing views (you can ask at the hotel for ideas!). Grab a chair outside with a wine in hand, toast to your weekend away. Watch as the sun slides into the horizon surrounded by hues of oranges, purples, and pinks. This is the perfect start to the perfect weekend.

Meander back to your hotel. You had a number of terrific places of lodging to choose from. Downtown there are some boutique hotels; lodging is also available in historic buildings that have been renovated. If your room is here, park your car and walk to one of the many restaurants just outside your door.

Hopefully you arranged your weekend to be there for the first Friday of the month. April through October in Walla Walla, local businesses join together to celebrate local artists. The First Friday Art Tour includes art galleries, with extended hours of operation, shops, restaurants, and wineries. Each Friday a different group of artists are featured.

Take time to wander around. Enjoy the magnificently restored and renovated buildings. Many of the buildings in downtown Walla Walla are from the 1800s.

After a restful night’s sleep in your nearby lodging, Saturdays from May to October is the Walla Walla Downtown Farmers’ Market. They open at 9:00 am, just in time for your morning breakfast. Sample delights for local suppliers. You’ll walk around and inhale the scents of freshly baked bread, cinnamon rolls, and locally roasted coffee.

You won’t go hungry or thirsty in Walla Walla. Between meals, enjoy the outdoor scenery. One option is to head to Whitman College. On their beautiful grounds, you will find twenty-one incredible sculptures. From a variety of artists, many of whom attend Whitman College, each sculpture is truly a work of art. You can explore this outdoor art treasure on your own, or you can opt for a guided tour.

Another perfect choice is from any of the fifteen parks that combine as part of Walla Walla’s park and recreation facilities. You can choose to golf at the 18-hole Veterans Memorial Golf Course, or you can head to Fort Walla Walla Disc Golf Course if that’s more your style of golf. Other parts have walking and biking trails, playgrounds for younger travelers, and swimming areas. Check the local calendar, you might be in time for a local festival or a band performing at the town bandstand!