5 Trendy Mens Garments that You Must Buy

Men’s fashion is just as varied and stellar as women collection. You just need to look at the right places to find the right styles. And one of those fashion houses where you can find the best trends of menswear is Psychonaut Fashion. They have an entire range of stunning menswears that you must explore. Hence, we have made this guide about our top 5 Psychonaut hemp clothing and cotton garments for men. 

Have a look! 

  1. Armor Psychonaut Sweatshirt 

This stunning printed sweatshirt in black is a comfortable and warm hoodie that you can wear at morning and evening walks and even on casual day outs. Some of the most unique features that gives this one an edge over many other styles are listed below.

  • It is handmade with silk screen print all over.
  • Every single hoodie is designed with custom artwork.
  • It has drawstrings for adjustment. 

Here’s where you can have a look at all the features that this sweatshirt exhibits, https://psychonautfashion.com/product/armor-grey/

  1. Benders Street Shorts

There’s nothing better than these black shorts that have a stretchable feel. These ¾ shorts also have the following features that makes them unique. 

  • They have low side pockets for comfort. 
  • They are fabricated with front pockets with a zipper closure. 
  • They have snap pockets at the back too. 

Have a look at many such features that these shorts exhibit here, https://psychonautfashion.com/product/benders-all-black-street-shorts/

  1. Combat Long Pants

These stunning handmade black pants have a semi low waist cut. They are also designed to display:

  • Two front upper pockets. 
  • Two back pockets. 
  • Double stitched metallic zipper for closure. 

You can buy these stunning mens cargo pants here, https://psychonautfashion.com/product/combat-long-pants/

  1. Emet T-shirt

If you’ve been a fan of handmade T-shirts with original handmade silk prints, then there’s nothing better than this T-shirt. It’s a 100% cotton garment that has the following features too. 

  • It has a slim cut fitting. 
  • It has a stellar crew-neck design. 

You can have a look at this t-shirt here, https://psychonautfashion.com/product/emet-t-shirt/

  1. Geomeister T-shirt

This stunner rough-stitched T-shirt is fabricated with a hoodie that makes it quite unique. Also, this is a handmade T-shirt and every single piece exhibits silk screen prints and custom artwork. 

All in all, these are our top five picks for the month. 

You can, however, have a look at the entire mens collection at Psychonaut Fashion here, https://psychonautfashion.com/product/geomeister/.