2 Things to Remember Before Buying a Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

When you will visit a shoe store, you will be overwhelmed to see different running shoes. People who are in this field are well aware that shoes are designed to cater different requirements of different foot types and games. You may have question as how to choose the best running shoes. This is a common question in the minds of shoe store visitors. The best running shoe for anyone is which makes you comfort table. Here are some simple steps to help you understand about the right footwear for you.

Understand pronation

Those who are purchasing womens running shoes for the first time, they may not be aware of this term. Pronation is the movement of your foot from toe to your heel as your foot strikes.

Over pronation is when the foot is too much inside. People who have low arch or flat foot will have this kind of movement.

Under pronation is when your foot is moving towards outside. Obviously, people having a high arc will come under pronation.

After deciding the kind of ride for which you are buying your shoes. There are three types of shoe support to understand, neutral, stability and high support.


You may be aware that your feet swell when you are running. You need to measure your feet before trying new running shoes. 

Before buying a shoe, make sure that there is a thumbnail space in the toe box. This space will allow your foot to move without any friction. Do not forget to try both the shoes. It is imperative to know even the minute details of the shoes, which you are going to buy. As a runner, you are going to cover several hundred miles with womens running shoes.

Many people make the mistake of buying shoes for looks. If you are fashion savvy, then you can choose the right looks for you but do not take the importance of shoe design for granted. Do not compromise with your body requirements.  If you will give much importance to looks, then you may end up buying a shoe, which is hurting you. So, follow the golden rule of buying shoes, think about the feel and fit, not fashion.

Do not make the mistake of buying tightfitting shoes with the perception that after some time they will become loose. Generally, women make this mistake and they prefer buying close fitting shoes. They do it because they are more conscious about the size and looks of their feet.