What to expect from this massage?

In 강남안마 rubdown, the therapist places you thru a sequence of stretches that cowl the complete frame. You lie on a ground meat or on a desk huge sufficient to house the therapist and yourself. You put on freebecoming clothing. In many cases, the spa will offer it to you.

The therapist would possibly kneel at the lower back of your legs and pull your fingers to arch your lower back and open your chest. She/he can also additionally location her shoulder below your heel to boost your leg and stretch your hamstring.

Gangnam rubdown additionally consists of deep-strain factor paintings to stimulate the sin, or the frame’s power pathways. Long taken into consideration a scientific remedy in Gangnam, Gangnam rubdown is now and again mentioned as “lazy man’s yoga”.

How Therapists are trained?

강남안마 rubdown remedy calls for big education. The faculty gives 3 certification levels, with the 0.33 one by myself requiring 800 hours of education. Graduates are issued certificates from the Korean Ministry of Public Health. 

There are several packages round the sector with strong education as well, however many die-difficult therapists make the pilgrimage to Gangnam to collect at the least a few genuine know-how base.

Good to know: 

Gangnam rubdown can also additionally before everything appear a touch intense. If you’re used to Swedish rubdown and don’t commonly do a lot stretching, that is different.

Gangnam rubdown reminds you that rubdown isn’t simply strain carried out to you via way of means of a person else. It is alternatively a balancing of the frame via way of means of limbering joints and loosening muscle tissue thru motion and strategic strain.

Unlike Swedish rubdown, there’s a number of interplay in Gangnam rubdown among you and your therapist. To flow you across the mat efficiently, the Gangnam rubdown therapist makes use of her frame to leverage you into the elongating stretches that produce the preferred effect. 

She’ll additionally use your frame as a device for deepening stretches via way of means of sitting for your toes and legs or pushing or pulling you into twists.


There are many motives to be seeking ordinary, semi-ordinary, or rare massages. You may also want to cope with a clinical problem or need a manner to loosen up and escape from regular stress. Determine the form of rub down you’d like and speak your desires with a rub down therapist or a medical doctor in case you want to deal with an underlying fitness condition.