What to Consider Before Choosing a Laser Vision Correction Surgery

For most of us, getting a laser vision correction surgery is no small matter. It is normal for you to really want to spend some time and give the surgery a careful consideration. Don’t feel bad or shy about it, everybody goes through this stage. That’s why this article is written! As you keep reading, you will find some of the things you definitely need to consider before getting your eye refractive surgery. Of course, this list isn’t complete, there are still other things you need to think about. However, if you don’t know where to begin, you can just follow the suggestions below and start from there.

The surgeons’ experience and track record

Always take time to get to know your surgeon before making the decision to go ahead with that particular surgeon. You have to know your surgeon’s experiences and track record in regards to laser vision correction surgery. [1] Be aware of false reviews and don’t settle for surgeons who have unclear records. Always go with reputable, trusted surgeons.

The reputation of the clinic and the technology used

It would be great to know the reputation of the clinic and the technology used in the clinic as well. Are patients satisfied with their services? Is the place clean? Do they use advanced technology and machines to perform their evaluations and surgical procedures? These are some of the crucial questions you should be asking as you carefully consider which clinic you will go to for your laser vision correction surgery.

Your finances or savings

In medically advance countries like Singapore, the cost of a laservision correction surgery can be quite expensive. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not affordable at all, it just means that you need careful planning and research prior to choosing your clinic, surgeon, and surgery type. Some patients go for their second best alternative because they cannot afford their first and best alternative. As long as their surgeon approves and believe that the second best alternative will be just as effective and just as safe, then it would be a viable option.

A strategy that you can use is to find good instalment plans from local clinics. Insurance usually won’t cover this type of surgery, but local clinics may offer programs and payment deals that help make your eye refractive surgery more affordable and suitable for your budget. Bottomline is this: don’t allow your finance or savings stop you from getting an eye refractive surgery. With good research and wise planning ahead, you can manage your finances and opt for payment packages that will allow you to get that vision correction surgery you have been wanting to get.

How long you can take a break from your work

Before you go ahead with your eye refractive surgery, know the number of many days off that you would need to take after the surgery. Different types have different resting days. For example, LASIK surgery usually needs around 3-4 days before you can resume light indoor work, while ReLEx SMILE usually needs around 2-3 days. This information will help you plan around the timing of your surgery, as well as the need to manage your duties and responsibilities to get you ready and prepared for the surgery.

[1]  Food and Drug Administration, 2018. LASIK Surgery Checklist, from https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/lasik/lasik-surgery-checklist.