Shelving & Storage Needs

Boltless Racking System is scalable and can accommodate a wide range of weight and storage requirements. Quick installation is essential for warehouses, stores, mezzanine floors, and exhibits. Small industrial spare parts and light items such as electronic equipment, merchandise, and apparel can be stored in a light-duty boltless rack. Our high-quality shelf solutions are designed to meet all of your storage requirements. We provide a wide selection of storage options, from light-duty domestic shelving to industrial shelving and heavy warehouse racking.

We make it simple to install and remove light-duty boltless racking systems, so you may do it whenever you choose. The Boltless Shelving Malaysia maximizes horizontal storage space for large or long products like aluminum extrusions. The storage racking system is custom-built with our pallet racking components, making it adaptable and versatile for future growth. The Light Duty Racking System may be utilized both indoors and outside. Long-span light duty racking systems may be used in virtually any location and for practically any function, including shelving, long-span racking, multi-tier, and high-rise installations.

The Yes Boltless Racking system is cost-effective and straightforward from shipment through installation. The boltless system provides several options to accommodate various weight and storage requirements. Most significantly, our boltless racking system is extendable, which means it may be used in conjunction with your current Yes boltless racking system. Our boltless racking system can be dismantled in a short amount of time if you need to relocate your warehouse or store. Our light duty racking system is widely used in the market, and it may help you save money on your warehouse storage systems.

Medium-Duty Racking system are ideal for both industrial and warehousing applications. The medium-duty rack is frequently used in industries, retail stores, museums, archives, and other places because of its superior strength and sturdy construction. The expanded variety is made using developing technologies and rust-resistant raw materials. Our Medium Duty Rack is known worldwide for its precise dimensions, corrosion resistance, and exceptional finish. Furthermore, our professionals guarantee that only high-quality medium-duty racks are built within the timeframe set by the customer.

Medium-Duty Rack is a long-lasting, sturdy, adjustable, and cost-effective shelving system that saves space by eliminating uprights, making it ideal for a wide range of storage applications in institutions, workplaces, archives, and retail stores. Medium-duty racks are suitable for all applications when limited space and may be mounted for even higher storage density. They are functional, sturdy, and have a high capacity storage capacity.


A medium-duty rack system is cost-effective to make the best use of available space and have quick access to all stored items. The medium-duty rack system is suitable for small and medium-sized items weighing between 500 and 1400 kg, depending on the number of shelves employed.

It also comes in a variety of lengths, depths, and heights so that it can accommodate all of your storage requirements. These plans provide consumers with several advantages, including a safe medium-duty rack system, a lifetime product, and a product that is easy to transport from one location to another. Its ease of assembly and installation distinguishes this medium-duty rack product; as a result, the customer may quickly transport it anyplace and reduce the labor required.