Good news for Alex Mendieta

The 34-year-old manages to delight us. After facing many obstacles in recent times and being known as the Colombian playmate by the papers, we wanted to share certain fresh light in the newest of his projects.

An unforgettable year

2020 was a year that no one would ever ignore; this year should certainly go down in the history pages, including crazy wildfires at the beginning of this year to corona. And it was nothing but totally out of control for both the 2011 businessman of this year, though.

The year began like any other year, yet oh my, a really wild way it turned out. “Amid all of the insane turmoil, nevertheless, the financial empire of Alex grew towards greater levels in 2020, bringing his famous line “making a lemonade factory when given lemons.”

What was the specialty?

Although much of the globe was locked down, one champion would be the fastest to predict where cash might go. Online purchases increased exponentially to benefit both of Alex’s retail firms, and his European cryptocurrency exchanges record trade rates were made possible by a spike in the value of bitcoin. We can clearly see, though, that the true cherry on top was gaining his lengthy court fight.

Winning a three-year court battle

After a long 3-year battle against the Australian Tax Bureau and the Victoria Police, it all came to a close in his favour with such a big victory. Further reports have yet to be made public. Still, records accessed by an FOI (freedom of information) revealed signs of a fraudulent joint activity between the Victoria police and the tax office. Placing the Australian federal agencies in great uncertainty.

In Canberra, the High Court (Australia’s highest court) ruled that several government agencies could not collaborate against a party or agency. This creates an unfair competitive advantage that is unknown to the person or entity because it denies a claim to equal protection.

The Victoria police have been embroiled in numerous graft cases, with both the newest being “Lawyer X” of monumental value. Where a famous criminal barrister was used by the police by Prosecutor X to secretly be an agent and supply the police with classified knowledge on her clients. Such incidents and much more, appear to display a very alarming picture of the Victoria Police. In Victoria, an anti-corruption police assignment was established, which assisted, but it was like trying to clear a water park with a tub. We must wonder what enough is adequate and what additional steps the Government of Australia is able to take to deter stuff like this from happening again.

What is next?

In such a new interview, Alex Mendieta demonstrated profound discontent with the care he got in Australia from the false press, the cops, and the tax office, who have not yet been held responsible for both the unfair treatment he and many others have suffered after him. What’s been next in the budding artist when asked? His response was, “I decided to move overseas when the borders open until you become rich; Australia is an amazing country, then you are hated for enjoying your hard work.”

Once more, we lose talented young movers from factories to countries such as Singapore. They embrace everyone with welcoming hands, and they shouldn’t need to think about enjoying the benefits of their work. In this country, the tall poppy phenomenon requires it to end, or we’ll never draw business leaders from many other parts of the globe to come live around.

Why is it that a beautiful country like ours has not ever seen a billionaire from another country wants to make Australia his or her home? We leave you with this thought. It’s sad that if we Australians don’t change their envy’s attitude, it will take us to a communist world.