Five Best Types of Web Hosting Services In 2021

One of the first steps to take while setting up your website will be selecting the right web hosting plan for it. This contributes significantly to the daily survival of the website. The servers offered by web hosting companies are computers configured to display your website on the internet and also manage your web traffic efficiently.

If you buy hostingyou get a virtual space for your website’s data which contributes to the overall efficiency of your website. The requirements of your website are directly proportional to its growth, therefore; you have to select the right web hosting plans to ensure that your website has the best uptime.

Here is the list of some of the different types of web hosting services your website will need at different stages of growth. 

  1. Shared web hosting

The first type of web hosting service we would like to introduce is shared-web hosting. In this type of hosting, you will share the rental space with different users, but you cannot fetch access to any of their files. Although this type of hosting service is suitable for startups with less traffic and to be honest, they don’t have much investment to hire dedicated server hosting.

  1. Dedicated Web Hosting

If you don’t want to share your virtual space with anyone else, then dedicated servers are your best option. They are designed especially to take care of the entire space. As the owner of the server, you can configure the host settings, and most importantly, you can store a lot of data on the dedicated servers. Renting dedicated servers is expensive as you get the quality in return. Do you often launch a new website? Bluehost offers the best-priced dedicated server in India

  1. Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Web Hosting

You want affordable yet secure shared web hosting and don’t want to invest in dedicated hosting yet, then you must look for VPS hosting. In this type of hosting, the physical server is divided into small and equal units where every unit is dedicated to a single website. The difference between VPS and shared hosting is you get dedicated resources at fair prices and in some cases, you can also edit the configuration of the host.

  1. Cloud Hosting

If you are well-trained in handling or personalizing servers, then cloud hosting is what your new business website requires. Cloud hosting is quite similar to VPS and the only aspect differentiating them is in VPS you have the same server while with cloud hosting, you have different networks. Moreover, the prices of cloud hosting spin a lot which might lead to confusion.

  1. Managed Web Hosting Services

Managed web hosting is not a type of hosting but is an executive service where your host provider takes care of all your hosting needs. Managed hosting gives you an advantage where your host takes care of day-to-day activities such as backup, security, and software updates that are essential for your website.

We hope this quick glimpse of different web hosting services helps you choose the suitable type and go ahead to buy hosting after considering your traffic and data.