Decisions to Make About Custody

Parents must understand their rights when it comes to child custody. They both have the legal right to get custody, and some arrangements could increase or decrease the amount of time they spend with their kids. When reviewing child custody arrangements, the parents must find a solution that gives them both control over the kids and adequate time with them as well.

Who Has Primary Custody?

The primary parent has the children a majority of the time, and they may handle more aspects of the child’s life. However, the type of custody order defines what parent makes decisions about how the child is raised and where they go to school. Each decision pertaining to the child is determined by the custody arrangement the parents set up or the decision made by the judge during a custody hearing.

When Is Visitation with the Child?

The standard setup for visitation is every other weekend, and the parents set up an alternative plan for holidays and special occasions. However, the parents could make up their own minds about the visitation schedule, but the plan must be in the court documents. Typically, the custodial parent will drop off the kids according to the starting time for visitation and pick up the kids according to the ending time. However, the plan could provide several options for the parents.

How Are Birthdays and Holidays Divided?

Most parents plan holidays and birthdays by dividing time with each parent. However, if the parents can get along together for the child, they could just spend the child’s birthday altogether instead of dividing their time. Typically, holiday visitation depends on how long the kids are out of school. For example, if they are out of school for two weeks for Christmas, each parent will get a week with the kids.

Summer and Fall Vacation Schedules

Summer and fall vacations are often divided, too. However, there are some exceptions for example if the noncustodial parent lives in another state, the child may spend all their summer vacation with the parent. When reviewing their options, parents must make decisions about when they have visitation and who gets the kids for specific vacations.

How Are They Paying Child Support?

Child support is due at the beginning of every month. The calculation depends on how many children were produced during the marriage. The income of both parents is reviewed, and the court will complete the calculations according to the current state requirements.

Some parents may choose to forgo child support if both parents have a higher than average earning potential. Under these plans, the parents just support the child financially while they are in the parent’s home. This could keep things balanced in some cases and prevent unnecessary payments.

Parents will need to set up a child custody arrangement in their divorce. If parents can’t arrive at an arrangement, they will have to attend a hearing, and the court will make the choice for them. Parents who are facing a child custody hearing contact an attorney for more information right now.