Christmas at Menorca 2021: A tight itinerary of many events!

What a year 2021 has been! And it is that unlike what we could say for this same date last year, in this we can all agree that things have been improving a lot, and that normality is increasingly closer. And this is the best reason to seek to close the year in the best possible way.

In all parts of the world, normality has been reestablished, and with this the functions of airports, trains and the different types of public transport have been turned around.

Although this year there has not been the massive cancellation of events as happened in 2020 (having, for example, the two Miss Universe contests in a single year), it is true that in 2021 the sanitary measures that allow the tourists and locals enjoy the landscapes. That is why tourist destinations such as the Balearic Islands have been able to reactivate their seasonal tourist agenda, this time being closer and closer to their usual stopovers and with greater freedoms for people in these territories.

There are plenty of reasons to plan a seasonal visit to an island to close the year.

This year we are fortunate that the alert in the territory of the Balearic Islands, at least so far this season, has dropped a lot, which means that the festivities can be carried out relatively normally, especially within family groups.

In addition to this, the island’s city council has lost neither the time nor the opportunity to make up for last year’s closed Christmases with a tight but highly varied cultural itinerary for the island this season.

Like every year, Menorca will be full of markets and offers of all kinds when it comes to culinary, accommodation and others. However, this year we can see even greater care on the part of the city council when it comes to beautifying the streets for the enjoyment of visitors and locals alike.

However, although this year the general population enjoys greater freedom to circulate around the island, restrictions are still in force regarding everything that refers to the maximum capacity of people who can be gathered at a certain point, or even within public transportation. For this reason, people interested in having a much freer movement capacity during their stay on the island are invited to investigate the multiple choices of the rent a car menorca services that can be found online, as means of selecting the one that better fits the person’s personal budget and needs.