6 Bars in Jakarta You Must Try

Want to take a break from the big city’s hustle or just hang out and drink beer? Bars can be a great place to go. In Jakarta, there are lots of bars that you can choose from. Please check some of them on the recommendation list below!

Recommended Bars in Jakarta

  1. Cork & Screw Country Club Senayan

The first recommendation for bars in Jakarta came from the Senayan area, Central Jakarta. The location is arguably quite hidden, and not so many people know. This Bar has an open space concept.

The visitors can immediately occupy the courtyard tables directly facing the golf course. Here, you can spend the night with dinner under the stars.

  1. Leon

Leon combines modern concepts with vintage. Almost the entire room is dominated by black furniture. The concept makes this bar seem so mysterious. If you want to eat and drink, sophisticated rooms are provided. Foods and beverages on the menus offered, mostly are a fusion of Asian and Western dishes.

  1. Skye

If you prefer to spend the night looking at the city lights, the rooftop bar is the right choice. One of the recommendations is Skye. This Bar is located in the BCA tower. There are two spots to choose from, the outdoor and indoor areas. In the outdoor area, there is even a swimming pool.

The food menu itself combines Indonesian menus with a western touch. For example, there are various steaks and satays made using premium quality meat.

  1. Beer Hall SCBD

Besides being known as an office center, SCBD also has several famous bars. One of them is Beer Hall SCBD. This bar room has a luxurious feel with a vast size.

For the theme, Beer Hall chose to apply the industrial concept. The interesting part is that the roof is not plastered. The roof frame is left open with a water pipe across the middle.

  1. Henshin

Henshin is one of the most luxurious bars in Jakarta. Just use a private lift that goes directly to the bar on the rooftop for access. This bar is located on the 67th floor of The Westin Jakarta.

Tired of spending time at the bar and want to rest? Below the bar, there is a hotel that rents out for around $132 per night. In the Indonesian currency, this value is equivalent to 1,900,000 IDR.

  1. Caspar

The last recommendation is Caspar. This Bar offers a Spanish feel and taste. This concept is unique and quite rare in Jakarta.


From the several bar recommendations that have been given above, which one is the most interesting? If you want to visit there, look for information in advance for a reservation.